The new plan to cap credit-card interest rates would lead banks to deny credit to more people and raise other fees. What Bernie Sanders and AOC miss about credit-card rates Home

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Colin Hanna. Ring’s primary current project is the Cut, Cap, Balance coalition on the debt ceiling. The project is the culmination of over 60 outside groups and more than 150 Tea Party organizations. Colin is a former County Commissioner in Chester County, PA (1995-2003). Prior to his election he was a CBS sales executive in New York.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and rep. alexandria ocasio-cortez, D-N.Y., are proposing a crackdown on banks issuing credit cards, but in reality, their plan would simply make it more difficult for.

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Pleased by the positive reception from the demanding Green New Deal wing of the climate struggle, Ricketts had set up this meeting with Chakrabarti. that he also deserves much of the credit for.

Can I lose my house over credit card debt?. If you apply for a credit card, the lender may use a different credit score when considering your application for credit. Advertiser Disclosure. is an independent, advertising-supported comparison service. The offers that appear on.

re: Bernie and aoc introduce bill capping credit card interest rates/ payday loans at 15% Posted by Tchefuncte Tiger on 5/9/19 at 12:41 pm to HailHailtoMichigan! I actually have no problem with this. However, don’t complain (or cry "racism") when requirements for cards and loans are strengthened and folks are denied credit.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Bernie Sanders Take Aim at Credit Card Interest Rates The bill would cap all credit card interest rates at 15 percent. Right now, the average banking institution is charging an interest rate of roughly 17 percent on the cards it issues, though interest rates, according to AOC, allegedly balloon high as "30 or 40 percent" in some cases.

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