We've rounded up 25 epic drone photographers you need to follow on Instagram.. Capturing the heart of Chicago and some of the places he travels to in. The link to this photo or video may be broken, or the post may have been removed.

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Photos and videos taken. makes it easy to take on planes. ("It fits in the small pocket of my backpack," he says.) And his followers have grown beyond professionals and commercial drone pilots to.

 · We’ve all seen the GoPro travel videos where a beautiful scene is suddenly interrupted when the vlogger runs and shakes the camera. You’re disoriented, nauseous, and.

How To Take EPIC Drone Videos While Traveling is brought to you by Alex, an Australian finance and technology writer that has been helping people crush their mortgages as well learn and get the best out of technology for over 5 years. This material is covered with simple steps and clear demonstrations of how to get the best drone videos.

DJI SPARK or MAVIC | Best Traveling Drone? Resize; Your video will. Spark or Mavic. Maybe you didn’t buy one yet so we have done the work for you. Watch the video and buy the best for your necessities.. How to Take epic drone photos while Traveling. 70 views. 05:29 8 tips for Traveling.

5 Tips on Making Super Epic Travel Videos You’ve seen travel vloggers make a living crossing the world and seeing places you’ve only dreamed about. They post travel videos on YouTube for thousands of followers or even millions.

Drones have completely revamped the way travel marketers appeal to. In this 2015 Winner of the 'Epic Drone Videos Aerial Video Creator.

Travel filmmaker Brandon Li was taking pictures using a drone when he happened to snap a photo of a bride. Li didn't even notice the couple until after the drone had landed and he was reviewing the footage from its flight.

Here’s how easy it is to hack a drone and crash it. The finding is important because drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles, are, pardon the expression, flying off the shelves. A recent Federal Aviation Administration report predicted that 2.5 million hobby-type and commercial drones would be sold in 2016.