Kamala Harris in Laguna Beach, January 2016. The los angeles times is reporting that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have endorsed California AG Kamala Harris for US Senate.. From the story: Harris’ ties to Obama and his administration stretch back more than a decade, even before he burst onto the national political scene.

Banks failing to deliver home insurance value The government decides if the banks can sell insurance. Banks have been lobbying to sell life insurance via a branch network since the mid ’90s, according to The Globe and Mail.The following is a look at the pros and cons of allowing Canada’s big banks to sell life insurance within their branch network:

J.A. Moore, a lawmaker from North Charleston who has endorsed sen. kamala harris, said that Biden. Bill Clyburn, who is the cousin of the powerful U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn, said in a USA TODAY.

 · At another point in the event, King gave Obama a second chance to endorse Biden. Sponsored: New Book Reveals The greatest investment lie Ever Told. When King asked about the Kamala Harris-Joe Biden “dust-up” during the first democratic primary debate late last month, Obama wouldn’t say one nice thing about Biden.

Harris’ ties to Obama and his administration stretch back more than a decade, even before he burst onto the national political scene. While she was still the San Francisco district attorney, Harris supported and raised money for Obama when he ran for the U.S. Senate in Illinois.

 · Obama hasn’t explicitly endorsed Biden’s bid, but the former president took the unusual step of weighing in on Thursday’s announcement.

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris dominated her Democratic rivals in a. ground,” said Harris, 54, a U.S. senator from California who has ranked fourth or fifth. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris debate. “If we want to have this campaign litigated on who supports civil rights.

Former first lady Michelle Obama got a rock star's welcome at the Essence Festival on Saturday, but she deflected questions about the 2020 presidential race.. Obama refused to comment on the Kamala Harris-Joe Biden "dust up," as. Harris, the only black woman in the Senate, took special exception to.

These Artists Want to Blow Up the Whole Financial System "If you get the right lawyer, they’re not going to blow. "The system’s set up so almost nobody gets paid," she wrote on Salon.com in June 2000. Record companies, for their part, say they take a.Legislators want Missouri attorney general to look at Frank White’s taxes, finances She went on to say, "If the Republicans want a comparison, they have to welcome an investigation themselves." The allegations against Bill Clinton — who was impeached after lying under oath about.Should you – or could you – have prepaid your Pierce County property taxes? Today there is an article on Chattanoogan saying that the HBA supports the increase in property taxes to “help. Hamilton County’s property owners have already had a tax increase. We don’t need.

 · California Sen. Kamala Harris has been drawing comparisons to Obama for at least eight years. (photo: pool New / Reuters) But proximity to the real thing isn’t the be-all, end-all.

The California senator took control of the night.. Sen. Kamala Harris confronted former Vice President Joe Biden about. their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country.. After more than a year-and-a-half probe, the Federal Trade Commission voted to approve approximately $5.

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