Another ridiculous climate change scare story. Links the possible demise of this community, in 50 years, with sea levels being 100m lower during the last ice age! Ooh let’s get back to there then shall we? Let’s tell the sun to shine less brightly.

#NewClimate: Around 850 residents in Fairbourne have been told they will have to evacuate in the next 26 years due to rising sea levels. Here’s how the.

Nowhere is the evidence of climate change more visible than in Quinhagak, Alaska. Thawing permafrost and a decrease in protective sea ice cover are causing considerable beach erosion in this village.

A 100 yards from where she lives, a half-built brick mosque lies abandoned, its cement foundations washed away. UN scientists predict some of the worst impacts of climate change. can’t go to the.

Stanley Tom, Newtok’s administrator, had a clear purpose for his trip: find the money to move the village on the shores of the Bering Sea out of the way of an approaching disaster caused by climate.

The doomed Welsh village of Fairbourne in Cardigan Bay is to be abandoned to the sea after authorities decided it is not worth saving it when sea levels rise beyond 40 years from now because of climate change. Local residents are livid, saying the decision has been made on exaggerated predictions.

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The Welsh village being abandoned to the sea because of climate change – Wales Online Share or comment on this article: Neighbours say village is being destroyed amid rising sea levels

a short distance from the shores of the Sea of Galilee, which is actually a freshwater lake along the Jordan River. The discovery is controversial because archaeologists have been excavating an.

The Welsh village being abandoned to the sea because of climate change The council says it can’t protect the village from the elements forever and, sooner than later, everything must go Share federal audit: st. francis hospital must pay .4 million and improve oversight Recession ahead?

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Media captionA BBC drone provides a unique look at the buildings that have been abandoned. because they stay where they are and the sea keeps moving.’ So it’s not hard to understand the mystique of.

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