Couples who had a child in 2015 will end up spending an average of $13,000 a year raising that child, which adds up to $233,000 by the time the kid is 17, according to new government calculations.

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The cost of gas has also influenced transportation costs associated with raising children. In 1960, the cost for a gallon of gas was around $0.25, or about $2.09 in today’s dollars. In May 2017, the national average was $2.33 per gallon, though some parts of the country routinely saw prices over $4.00 per gallon in the past decade.

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The cost of raising a child varies from country to country. The cost of raising a child is usually determined according to a formula that accounts for major areas of expenditure, such as food, housing, and clothing. However, any given family’s actual expenses may differ from the estimates.

Children get expensive before they get limbs. That first prenatal visit costs and it only gets worse from there. They need food to eat, supervision, a place to poop, car seats, and, one hopes, the occasional book. To put it extremely mildly, those costs add up. But just how much do kids cost.

Maryland is one of the most expensive states in America, according to the Economic Policy. The family budget calculator accounts for geographic differences in cost of living, but does not include.

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Indeed, Americans guessed that it would cost them an average of $24,131 to raise a child through the first year. Meanwhile, the government says it will cost an average family $12,680.

A recent study calculated that the 25 percent tariffs imposed on China would cost the average American. and much of what does not come from China comes from Mexico, making the company "the poster.

Today, USDA released its annual Expenditures on Children by Families report, also known as the "Cost of Raising a Child," showing that a middle-income family with a child born in 2013 can expect to spend about $245,340 ($304,480 adjusted for projected inflation*) for food, housing, childcare and education, and other child-rearing expenses up to age 18.

The Average Cost of Raising a Child. According to a 2017 report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average cost of raising a child from birth through age 17 is $233,610. If that made your heart skip a beat, take a deep breath before you read on. Incorporating inflation costs, it will be more like $284,570.

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