benjamin franklin famously stated that ‘nothing is certain but death and taxes’. While the former is still unavoidable, careful financial planning can substantially reduce the inheritance tax (IHT) on your estate when you die. A useful way to do this is by making gifts – from your capital or from income.

You may be tempted to gift your home to family or place it in a trust to protect it from care costs or inheritance tax.

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So, it might be appropriate to pass on some of your wealth while you are still alive. This will reduce the value of your estate when it is assessed for IHT purposes, and there is no limit on the sums you can pass on. You can gift as much as you wish, and this is known as a ‘Potentially Exempt Transfer’ (PET).

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On top of the nil-rate bands there are a range of reliefs and exemptions that with careful planning can be used to reduce an IHT bill. The former home secretary, Lord Jenkins of Hillhead, called IHT “a voluntary tax, paid by those who distrust their heirs more than they dislike the Inland Revenue.”. Making estate planning work for you.

 · Careful planning can reduce or even eliminate the IHT payable. IHT is not payable on the first part of the value of your estate – the nil-rate band’. The nil-rate band is currently £325,000. If the total value of your estate does not exceed the nil-rate band, no IHT is payable.

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 · Seeing your assets being put to use while you are alive can be very rewarding. In addition, gifts can help reduce IHT as most are exempt from IHT if you live for 7 years after making the transfer. A careful gift-giving strategy can help minimise your liability to IHT and ensure that you leave as much of your estate as possible to your loved ones.

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