housing industry experts have gone on the record projecting home prices will rise by as much as six percent.. made their way through the Dallas-Fort worth metroplex sunday. market Moving On.

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Home prices in DFW overheated by up to 14 percent. Homes throughout the lone star state are also 10 to 14 percent overvalued, based on the Fitch Ratings report. Texas, along with the western United States and Florida, is exceeding supporting economic fundamentals, researchers say, with a particular focus on major metro markets like Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Portland.

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Dallas ranks among the 10 hottest rental markets in the nation. The numbers between the two cities are pretty similar, and neither catches up with Columbus, Ohio. The college town places first on Zillow’s list, with new apartments accounting for 5 percent of the market; 77 percent of those units have been rented in the last three months. Just in the past year, rents have gone up 6 percent.

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Fort Worth is hot and not just because its summer. fort worth, along with Dallas and San Antonio are three Texas cities in the top 5 single-family housing markets in the U.S., according to Ten-X, an online real estate marketplace. Nashville and Orlando are the top two, followed by Fort Worth, Dallas.

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Fort Worth residents are moving on up. According to a new study from rental website RentCafe, Fort Worth ranks among the 20 most prosperous cities in the nation. The site measured more than 300 U.S. cities using Census data from 2000-2016 to "single out the ones that have made the most progress overall."

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