If you think this is bad, then wait for the worst news: The debt toll is rising and it will be higher next year. The global debt trap The. increased borrowing," he says. "The political cycle in.

The Ultimate Truth about Housing Affordability But underlying today’s exurban fervor is an uncomfortable truth: The reason that homes in these communities are so affordable is that these areas were among the hardest-hit by the housing crisis and.

This behaviour is slowly pushing them towards a debt trap.. lenders cash on this tendency among millennials and offer them easy credit,

Also, for a large section of this population, life is more inclined towards expenses rather than savings. The urge for instant gratification leads to borrowing for every. thus slowly pushing you.

For millennials on tight budgets, this instantly removes one of the biggest obstacles to online shopping – waiting for returns to be credited. But a quick search on social media suggests the ease..

In his recent New York Times article: "The Student Debt Problem Is Worse Than We Imagined," author and senior director for post-secondary education at the Center for American Progress, Ben Miller stated that one of America’s best investments in socioeconomic mobility – college – has become a debt trap for far too many. While I wholeheartedly agree with Miller, in my experience, it’s not just the students who are getting caught in this trap, it’s their parents as well.

(Related – Is ease of borrowing pushing millenials towards debt trap? – Mint) Contrast this with few years or decades back. Back then, access to credit was limited. Most of the people had to save before buying something (Not to glorify the past.

Most millennials are not thinking long term and it is probably a function of their age and lifestage. In the 20-35 year age bracket, "they are single for a longer period, have fewer responsibilities, are spending-oriented and, hence, have a short-term view", says Vyakaranam.

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This is making millennials borrow more, for every need – irrespective of how big or small it is. This behaviour is slowly pushing them towards a debt trap. instant gratification often leads to making bad choices. Lenders cash on this tendency among millennials and offer them easy credit, which becomes a cause of a major heartburn later.