The 2020 Democrats – and all politicians – need to stop lying about tariffs. Americans aren’t paying the bill, China is.. Trumps’ 3-prong strategy to counter China’s aggression

All false statements involving donald Trump. No U.S. plants closed and moved to Mexico.. Tariffs are "paid for mostly by China, by the way, not by us.". lying. Donald Trump

Stop Lying To Me About Trump’s Tariffs Can people please stop talking complete, unmitigated claptrap on the subject of President Donald Trump, Mexican tariffs, and the U.S. economy? Is it really too much to ask?

Don’t you know, that if a D president lied and continued lying like Trump has done regarding tariffs, the right wing would be relentlessly hammering him or her. I haven’t heard one peep from anyone on DTT’s right wing about DJT’s continuing to lie about his Chinese tariffs.

Donald Trump's new China tariffs will ultimately hurt Americans: Today's talker. Trump's tariffs are hurting me. up for Americans and stop letting so many countries take advantage of us by ripping us off through unfair trade practices.. lying around to cover a 10- or 25 percent price hike if Trump's tariffs.

tariff.png. But more striking are his lies about steel. Trump is now so deluded that he. within a very short period of time because we've stopped the dumping.. effects of Trump tariffs on U.S. business: 'Don't class warfare me'.

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Confused? Me too. And the amounts involved are trivial. Chicken feed. President Trump just hiked tariffs from 10% to 25% on about $200 billion in Chinese imports. In other words, he just raised.

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Brett Arends writes at Market Watch The media is lying to you about Trump’s China tariffs. Excerpts in italics with my bolds. The hysteria must have a political agenda because the amount that’s being charged is peanuts. Are you kidding me? I’m used to partisan, inaccurate drivel from all sides these days, but the media’s.

Everyone from PolitiFact to The New York Times to virtually all the Sunday morning national talk shows piled on, calling Trump a liar. But the media can’t stop lying about what the president says.

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