Citi avoids CFPB fine for overcharging cardholders US$335m. The deal contrasts with the US$1 billion in penalties the CFPB and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency imposed on Wells Fargo & Co in April for allegedly forcing unwanted insurance on customers who took out car loans and imposing inappropriate charges to lock in mortgage rates.

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Wells Fargo agrees to pay $386 million to settle auto insurance dispute; national general will pay $7.5 million By Richard Craver Winston-Salem Journal Richard Craver

Are Facebook Ads Discriminatory? It’s Complicated Facebook to start testing AI review system for discriminatory advertising. Investigative news nonprofit ProPublica claimed the option was in violation of federal housing and employment laws, which prohibit ads that discriminate against people based on such factors as race and gender. The article was followed by a lawsuit (filed by several Facebook users) that made similar allegations.

Wells Fargo agrees to pay customers $386M over unwanted auto insurance june 10, 2019 admin Cars 0 Wells Fargo & Co. will pay customers at least $386 million to settle class-action claims that the bank signed them up for auto insurance they did not want or need when they took out car loans.

 · Wells Fargo is facing calls to “claw back” compensation that was awarded to the retiring executive who ran the bank unit snared in an $185 million settlement announced last week over the.

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Wells Fargo & Co. will pay customers at least $386 million to settle class-action claims that the bank signed them up for auto insurance they did not want or need when they took out car loans.

The Wells Fargo-backed policies could cost as much as $1,000 per year, plus interest if people didn’t pay up front, the Times says. Wells Fargo earned a commission on the premiums, according to the Times. Many customers were charged for auto insurance, even though they already had their own, cheaper policies.

Wells Fargo is refunding something like $3 million of fraudulent fees back to customers. Some people had their credit score impacted, either because of the credit check necessary to open accounts like credit cards, or because the bank employee didn’t close the account and let it go to collections.

Wells Fargo & Company WFC plans to pay about $386 million in order to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by customers in 2017, accusing the bank of forcing unwanted auto insurance, without their knowledge, at the time they took car loans.

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(And isn’t it great when families have so much stuff it fills the garage and pushes the cars into the driveway. Per federal flood insurance requirements, Wells Fargo Funding has updated its private.

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